The Rahmqvist group in Sweden and the world

Eric Rahmqvist AB is an international group comprising nine brand divisions and with more than 400 employees. We are represented in 16 countries and have our own sales companies in ten countries. Thousands of our products from our specially developed range are demonstrated and delivered daily to satisfied clients around the world. This gives us unique knowledge of workplaces and the use of products on several more markets than the Swedish one alone. We use this knowledge in the development of new services and products. Rahmqvist’s products can only be bought through direct sales via our brands. Would you like to know more about our global activities? Contact us at or phone +46 8 766 70 00. 

Unique products, unique qualities

Our product philosophy is simple. We are never satisfied with what can be found in our standard range. All our products are developed by us and have unique qualities. We invest in our own tools at our manufacturers and all production takes place according to our specifications regarding quality and environmental influence. We are the only company in our field certified for design, construction and development. This guarantees products developed with you, our clients, in mind. As specialists, it is also our responsibility to be at your side. That is why you can only buy our products and services when we visit your workplace. 


Rahmqvist’s headquarters, product development and marketing are on Lidingö just outside Stockholm. Here goods, services and marketing material are all developed and these are then disseminated into the international organisation. Our locally controlled sales companies are in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Britain and Estonia. Apart from our sales offices we are represented with our products via other distributors and sales channels in Hong Kong, China, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, South Africa and Dubai.